Apps Unleashed: Top 5 new and updated apps this week

| May 30, 2014

1. Thomas Was Alone - ­iOS  

Have you met Thomas?  He’s just a curiously quirky rectangle making his way through 100 levels of mind-bending puzzles.  From game designer Mike Bithell, Thomas Was Alone is a crafty,engaging, and beautifully smart puzzle game that’s now available for the iPad for $8.99.  Immerse yourself into an interesting and satisfying story with this independent gem of a game.  ThomasWas Alone makes our list this week due to its creativity and ability to delicately blend a great story with excellent puzzles.

2.  Google Camera Update - ­Android

If you haven’t been paying attention lately, let me update you on what Google’s been up to thisspring:  Updating.  Once again the still new to the Play Store Google Camera app receives another fundamental update.  This time Google introduces new features like a capture timer,  4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio options, and some new panorama camera modes.  With this being the latest among a handful of updates to the new camera app, it seems that Google looks to continue to improve the overall user experience of the app, which is great news for users everywhere.

3.  Android Device Manager App Update - ­Android

The Camera app wasn’t the only piece of Google software to gain some attention this week, as the Android Device Manager app receives another update as well. With the new update rolling out to Android devices everywhere, users will now have the new ability to sign in as a guest on another users device.  Up until this point, users could only locate, lock, and wipe a lost or stolen device once they had access to a computer.  But with the new update users will be able to access the information from another device in hopes of cutting down on the time that a device goes missing and increasing the possibility of recovering the misplaced smartphone or tablet.  A small but very solid update and addition to the already stellar application.

4.  Watch_Dogs Companion: cfOS Mobile - ­Android and iOS

Last week we highlighted one of the first ever gaming companion apps with the Titanfall Companion App.  This week, we’re seeing another companion app make its way to the Play Store and Apple App Store as Watch Dogs’ Companion App makes its debut alongside the blockbuster hit PC and console game Watch Dogs.  The app allows players to directly influence and control what happens in the gaming environment and setting of Chicago.  In comparison to the Titanfall Companion App, Watch Dogs’ pocket companion will give players more control of their game, offering a new and unique experience. 

5.  Sunrise Calendar ­- Android and iOS

The simply stunning Sunrise Calendar application has finally made its way to the Android platform this past week, and it brought all of its simple and beautiful design and functionality with it.  While there’s seemingly an endless supply of different camera apps available on the Play Store, Sunrise Calendar has gained the attention of Android users already this week due to its great look and ease of use.  The Calendar syncs contacts and calendars for iCloud and Google accounts, and will be adding support for Exchange soon.  Anybody looking for the latest and greatest in organization needs to check this app out!