I'm excited for Motorola's second wave of Moto devices

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| May 30, 2014

Near the end of last year, Motorola unveiled a new device that managed to garner plenty of positive attention. After the roller-coaster few years between Moto and Google, the results were hard to ignore. The Moto X was a device that a lot of people didn't see coming, especially not from a company that had, in recent memory, made any forward progress through a carrier-based brand name. The Moto X was a big leap, but thankfully for Motorola it was in the right direction.

Indeed, Motorola had a lot to boast about, and plenty of brand new momentum. The Moto X itself was only part of the story, though. Truthfully, without Moto Maker and the unbelievable level of customization that it provided to customers for such a cheap price tag, I'm not sure that the Moto Maker would have made the rounds for as long as it did. Especially not on the word of mouth circuit. Motorola advertised aggressively, offered deals and specials and discounts, and they continued to add to the customization options to make sure that people had plenty to choose from when they wanted to build their own device to show off to everyone they know.

Interestingly enough, Motorola's continued success didn't hang on the idea of a successor to the Moto X, but instead on a new device added to the brand new Moto family. The Moto G was a cheaper device than the Moto X, but it didn't slouch on the specs like so many other cheap devices have in the past. By all accounts, the Moto G is a good device for what it is, so it was pretty clear that Motorola had addressed the exact way to release their devices:

Aim for specific, niche markets.

Just a few weeks ago they continued that vision with the release of the Moto E. Another cheap device, this time below the $200 price marker, and yet another handset that isn't anemic when it comes to features or specs. For a $130 phone, the Moto E is an incredibly lucrative option.

The first wave of new devices from Motorola, which started with the announcement of a factory in Texas which is now closing down, has come and gone. With three devices, the X, G and E, Motorola has cemented their position in the Android Army yet again. They can only go up from here, right?

I'm hoping so. We've supposedly seen our first glimpse of a new Motorola-branded handset not too long ago, and the Rumor Mill suggests that it'll be a device with a 5-inch or larger display. That makes sense, I guess, since the Moto X boasted a 4.7-inch display, and manufacturers like to upgrade the size along with the specs. I'm still hoping that the Moto X successor has a display that's less than five inches, but only sharper than its predecessor.

All eyes should be on Motorola as the company gears up to launch its next wave of devices. Do you think they can achieve another level of success, or has their time come and gone? What are you wanting to see out of a Moto X successor? Let me know!