T-Mobile iPhones to gain Wi-Fi Calling with launch of iOS 8

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: June 2, 2014

iOS 8 iPhone 5s

Apple announced a slew of new iOS 8 features during its WWDC keynote earlier today, including support for third-party keyboards and widgets in its Notification Center. Of course, the Cupertino firm didn’t have time to detail all of iOS 8’s new features in its 2-hour keynote, but now T-Mobile has made up for that by talking up one of the goodies on its own blog.

T-Mobile announced today that when iOS 8 launches, its iPhone customers will have access to T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling. The feature works out of the box, without the need for a special app or anything else. T-Mo says that users can simply connect to a Wi-Fi network, check that Wi-Fi Calling is turned on and they’ll be good to go.

Once Wi-Fi Calling on the iPhone goes live, 90 percent of T-Mobile smartphones will have the feature enabled. T-Mobile says that it currently has 17 million Wi-Fi Calling-enabled devices on its network and that nearly 5 million of its subscribers use the feature every month.

T-Mobile has long been a proponent of Wi-Fi Calling, offering the feature to its Android and Windows-based devices since 2007. That’s why it’s no surprise that T-Mobile plans to support the feature on the iPhone when iOS 8 goes live as well. As for when that’ll happen, Apple has said that iOS 8 will launch to the public in the fall.

Do you use Wi-Fi Calling? If so, how often do make calls over Wi-Fi?

Via T-Mobile