Why did you leave iOS?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| June 3, 2014

After Apple took the stage at the opening day of their Worldwide Developers Conference and announced iOS 8, the social media feeds were about as back-and-forth as ever. I saw people praising the Cupertino-based company for having the best show in ages, while others were quick to point out that iOS 8 was all about the catch-up, and therefore none of it was interesting at all. None of those reactions should surprise you in the slightest.

I wrote up some reasons why I thought that the iOS 8 update, which is due out this Fall, is better than just a "worthy update," and outlined a few reasons that really stood out to me. Now, while I think most of those things are great on their own, I have no problems admitting that iOS 8 is indeed a way for iOS to catch up to features found in their major competing platform. Especially quite a few features baked into the new iOS release that the company didn't even talk about.

However, more than that, I think this version of iOS is tuned more towards those who have already bought into the Apple ecosystem more than ever before. Indeed, most of the stand-out features, even in my eyes, were things you could only do with a Mac in the same house. Plus, things like Continuity, just support that one ecosystem mentality.

None of that is a bad thing. I know so many people who have purchased a Mac and then an iPhone, or other iOS-based device, or even the other way around just as frequently. Some folks out there may be a serial platform switcher (like me), but there are a lot more out there who just like things to work seamlessly between the other, and Apple's vision is obviously to make that as clear and easy as possible between Macs and iOS-based devices.

So, what did you think of WWDC's major announcements? Spectacle or bust?

In the last couple of weeks I started asking all of you if you've left a platform in favor of another one. We started with Google's Android, moved on to Microsoft's Windows Phone and then covered BlackBerry's, well, BlackBerry. So obviously the last piece of that puzzle was going to be Apple's iOS, and I sincerely considered asking that question last week. And then I realized that there was an event about to take place that would show off the newest version of iOS, the future of the mobile OS, and I realized that I had to wait.

Why? Because there's a chance that someone out there, maybe even many people, were waiting to see what Apple would unveil with iOS to figure out whether or not they were switching to another platform or staying. And now that the dust has settled, we've seen iOS 8 in action on real devices, and there have been reports on what new features are coming that Apple didn't talk about, I feel like it's a safe time to ask the question. To get the best results.

So, let me know: Have you left iOS recently, or did you take off from Apple's ecosystem some time ago with the thoughts of switching back "one day," if the right features/apps were released for the platform? On the flip-side, are you still on iOS and having the time of your life? Or did iOS 8 convince you to go back into the fold? Let me know!