Apps Unleashed: Top 5 new and updated apps this week

| June 6, 2014

1. Uber Update -Android and iOS

Fans of the personal driving service Uber can now enjoy an even easier to use revamped Android version of the service’s mobile app.  This week Uber rolled out an update to Android users that will make navigating the app easier by enhancing the app’s performance and granting easier access to favorite features.  While the service isn’t available everywhere, its worth taking a look for those located in larger city areas.  The service can be quite handy and utilizing your smartphone for payments and service management is simply awesome.

2. Hotel Tonight - Windows, Android, and iOS

With summer not officially but seemingly here, the urge to travel, vacation, or simply get away is growing among many of us.  Hotel Tonight is a new and improved hotel searching app for the Windows, Android, and iOS platforms and is a great way to adjust last minute hotel plans.  The app specializes in helping you make the best decision for your last minute hotel booking needs by showcasing the best rates and values.  This great looking app is a must have for those traveling this summer.  You never know when you might need a backup plan!

3. Umano Update -Android and iOS

If you haven’t used the Umano app for Android or iOS devices before, its definitely worth the free download.  Umano is a free news narration service that reads through your favorite news so that you can enjoy the latest scoop while being handsfree with your device.  The application received a small update that moved some things around and enhanced the performance of the app overall.  Although the update was small and incremental, the service is still stellar and unique, and definitely worth your time.

4. Twitch Update -Android and iOS

While Twitch, the popular live stream gaming service is available for both Android and iOS devices, the iOS version of the app just received an update that will allow viewers to enjoy the user generated content with an audio only option.  This means that you can listen to your favorite channels while driving, running, or whatever hand free activity you enjoy.  I’d like to see this option become available for the Android platform as well, and heck I’d love to see the Windows platform simply acquire a Twitch app.  Regardless, the update shows that the developers are serious about finding new ways for subscribers to enjoy their favorite content, and thats a great thing.

5. Instagram Update -Android and iOS

Its been fun to watch Instagram grow from the small and simple photo-sharing application it once was, into the thriving community it is today.  The popular photo-editing and sharing app has received an update this last week that will enhance the photo editing capabilities by offering users new tools to better correct and adjust their photos.  After taking a snapshot with Instagram, users will now have the ability to adjust qualities like shadows, warmth, and sharpness.  The update allows users to have complete control over their image instead of relying on a filter to do all of the dirty work.  Its obvious that Instagram wants to be taken serious as a photo-editing application and not just a platform to show off what you ate for lunch today.  I’m glad to see Instagram taking these important steps toward improving their service.