What's the one thing you do the most on your phone?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| June 6, 2014

Our phones have become such a jack-of-all-trades that slimming down its functionality for any one task, on multiple occasions, seems almost unfair. And yet I know people who do it all the time. Moreover, I know more people than I should that have repeatedly told me that their phone does "more than it needs to," or that "they'll never use" all the features on their phone. Just because. I don't think anyone's going to use *all* the features on their phone all the time, but to just outright dismiss the idea of even using them ever is kind of crazy to me. What if you miss out on things!

More to the point, when Samsung was busy loading their phones with a bunch of different features, basically throwing in everything except the kitchen sink, I remember talking about several of those features to people who I knew didn't use their phone all that often. I told them about things like eye-tracking, and how the particular device would stop playing a video if you looked away from the screen. This, and the other features, all elicited the same response: "That's cool!" but then when asked if they'd use it, I generally got the same shrug of the shoulders, and sometimes a "maybe" for good measure.

Okay, fine. Your phone is a tool and you can use it however you want, that goes without saying. All I'm saying is that they're such cool tools that can do so much, limiting them to one simple thing takes you away from so many cool features! Explore and live a little! Go crazy!

I say this, but there are often days that I use my phone for only one thing, maybe even a couple of days in a row.

Recently, my device has become a blunt instrument in my search for new things. Or, things in general, I guess. Places, landmarks, restaurants, movie theaters, whatever else I can think of at the time, I've used my phone to search for it. I can remember times when that wasn't really possible, outside of calling someone and getting directions, so you'll have to forgive me if I just dwell on the fact my phone's a magical piece of equipment and I can't live without it, okay?

Anyway, my curiosity has gotten the better of me when it comes to singular usage patterns for a smartphone. There's a strong chance that today I'll use my computer more often than not to reply to people who try to get in touch with me, and if I don't play a game on it at some point, then it's very likely that my phone's just going to be a search tool today.

So I started wondering if you, or anyone you know, uses their smartphone in the same way. That, despite all of the features (or maybe because of them), you (or they) will just focus on one thing above all others, and use your phone for that. Even if that's just communication, or just playing games, or maybe even just taking pictures, I want to know what that single use scenario is. So let me know!