Pebble Steel, Arctic White Pebble making their way to Best Buy

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 11, 2014

Pebble Steel smartwatch

Last year, we saw the Pebble smartwatch get a big boost in availability by hitting the shelves of Best Buy stores. Now its the Pebble Steel’s turn to shine in the fluorescent light of BBY’s stores.

Best Buy announced today that the Pebble Steel smartwatch will arrive in its stores this Sunday, June 15. The device will be available in Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores, as well as Best Buy’s website, at a price of $229. Best Buy will also begin selling the Arctic White version of the original Pebble for $149.99.

The Pebble Steel is the newer, more upscale version of the original Pebble. It sports a CNC-machined stainless feel body with a Gorilla Glass display and anti-fingerprint coating. It also packs an RGB LED indicator and a 5 to 7 day battery life.

While the original Pebble is still a perfectly capable smartwatch, the Pebble Steel offers a more premium look and feel that would be a better fit for folks that want a more upscale-looking watch. Its stainless steel body allows owners to wear a watch that can keep them up to date with their alerts while carrying a look that’s a bit classier than the OG Pebble.

Do any of you own a Pebble? If so, do you have the original model or the Steel?

Via Best Buy