I want to switch to Windows Phone, but...

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| Published: June 12, 2014

Any time I switch devices, one of the most common questions I get asked is, "Well what's so good about it?" and more often than not I don't have a problem running off several reasons why the phone I'm using stands out. Even if I don't plan on keeping the device, and even if the handset might not be for me, I can usually find at least a couple of reasons why someone out there might like it.

It can be a bit of a loaded question though, right? After all, we're getting to a point in smartphone history where many of the same features can be found from platform to platform, and even the hardware itself is starting to look super familiar. I overheard someone say they're "bored with phones" just a couple of days ago, and while I don't share the same mentality, I can understand where they're coming from.

There's still quite a bit coming down the road, though, and it could be enough to get anyone excited for the mobile industry all over again. We've got rumors about tablets that fold into phones (or vice versa, if you prefer)! I'm still not sure if that's something I'd personally want to use (I can imagine the battery would just take a beating), but it does sound *awesome*, doesn't it?

Just from a device hardware standpoint, there's plenty to be looking forward to. Motorola's got a Moto X successor primed to launch at the end of the summer. Both Apple and Samsung have flagship devices right around the corner. And who knows, maybe we'll see another handset from HTC before the year ends. Any one of those devices could be enough to get anyone excited for smartphones again, but the waiting part could be killer.

We can't forget about Microsoft!

Rumor has it that the company may be ditching the Lumia brand name as they gear up to launch some new devices this year, but if that does happen I'm not sure anyone would be all that surprised. Lumia was Nokia's doing, and now that Microsoft is in the business of bringing Windows Phone-based hardware to market, they're going to want to make sure everyone knows it, just by the branding. And we're still waiting to see what's coming down the pipe, the new hardware that's meant to herald the public arrival of Windows Phone 8.1.

I am personally very excited to see what happens next for Microsoft on the hardware front. Even if the next pair of devices are still technically Nokia handsets, I just want to see some new high-end hardware running the newest version of Windows Phone. And then, not too far from now, I'd really like to use those devices. That would certainly make me a happy camper.

However, no matter how badly I still want to switch (back) to Windows Phone, I have my hesitations. Microsoft's mobile platform has certainly come a long way, and with Windows Phone 8.1 there's no doubt that they've managed to catch up with the competing platforms in the biggest ways, but there are still things holding me back from making the switch.

When Windows Phone was first unveiled, I loved the minimalistic approach to the platform. Whether it was the dark or light background, I just really liked how different Windows Phone felt compared to every other platform. That's not really the case anymore though. Yes, Windows Phone still looks different from everything else and that is great, it just doesn't catch my eye anymore.

I'm still just not a fan of the app situation on Windows Phone, either. The number of high-profile apps is getting better, sure, but they oftentimes pale in comparison to their iOS- and Android-based counterparts. (This isn't an issue for anyone who hasn't used those other apps, of course, but it's definitely one for me.)

I want to know what's keeping you from making the switch full-time to Microsoft's mobile platform. I want to switch to Windows Phone, but [fill in the blank here]. Whether you're just waiting for a certain key details in your phone's hardware to get checked off, or it's something about the software, I want to know what it is. So let me know!