iPad Air 2 'perfect replica' purportedly photographed, complete with Touch ID

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 17, 2014

iPad Air 2 Touch ID photos leak

Now that we’re past WWDC 2014, it’s time for the rumor mill to start kicking into high gear. Today we’ve got a report that claims to have photos of a “perfect replica” of the next iPad Air.

The images, shared by Nowhereelse.fr and apparently sourced from a Chinese dealer, show a tablet that looks similar to the white iPad Air. There are some differences between this iPad Air 2 and the original model, though, including a Touch ID fingerprint scanner on its Home button, a slightly-tweaked set of speaker holes and a recessed set of volume buttons.

iPad Air 2 redesigned speaker

With the addition of Touch ID on the iPhone 5s and the inclusion of new Touch ID APIs in iOS 8, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Apple add Touch ID to its new iPads. Other than that, this leak suggests that the iPad won’t undergo many changes compared to last year’s model. Considering how big a refresh the iPad Air was from the iPad 4, though, that’s not a surprise.

Are there any changes that you’d like Apple to make to its next iPad Air?

Via MacRumors, Nowhereelse.fr

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