Google 'Auto Link' car software rumored for I/O debut

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 18, 2014

Google Open Automotive Alliance logo

We haven’t heard much about Google’s Open Automotive Alliance effort since its announcement back in January, but according to a new report, that’ll be changing very soon.

Sources speaking to Automotive News claim that Google will introduce its first in-car software at Google I/O later this month. The OS is reportedly known as “Google Auto Link” internally and is expected to be a “projected” system that allows Android smartphones to push their data to the car’s system and that the system could control the phone using its own controls.

When it announced the Open Automotive Alliance, Google said that the aim of the project was to make it easy to integrate Android hardware into a vehicle and to improve the OS to make driving and using it safer. This Google Auto Link software will be the first piece of software to come out of the OAA, and while it’s still very much a rumor right now, it sounds like the effort could make it much safer to use an Android phone’s functions while behind the wheel.

Are you interested in car software that makes it easier to use your phone’s functions while driving?

Via The Verge, Automotive News