Android 'L' screenshots possibly leak out

Published: June 23, 2014

Android L release screenshot leak Nexus 4

Hungry for an undetermined dessert that begins with the letter “L?” I hope so, because I may have exactly that for you tonight.

Reddit user Doopl has posted two screenshots that may show off the unannounced “L” version of Android. The images, which were found in Google’s Chromium Issue Tracker, show two Android screens with features that we’ve never seen before. 

In the status bar we can see an “L” icon that could be a debug icon and a bell that Android Police claims is a “limited interruptions” mode that can mute incoming notifications. The “L” release could feature pop-up, Google Now-style notifications, so the “limited interruptions” mode may prevent them from popping up. Additionally, the overflow button in Chrome feature dots rather than squares.

Android L screenshot leak Nexus 4 landscape

It’s also worth noting that the screenshots come from a device with a resolution of 1280x768. That suggests that these images came from a Nexus 4.

So is this the mysterious “L” dessert? The elements contained in these screenshots certainly seem to point that way. Google is rumored to be prepping a refreshed Android design for the “L” release, and so it’d make sense for El Goog to be testing the OS internally on a Nexus device. For now we’ll just have to speculate about what goodies “L” might include and hope that Google’s got a least a little info to share at I/O.

What features would you like to see included in the “L” release of Android?

Via Android Police, Reddit

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