Time to bite my tongue about mocking the iPhone's size

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| June 24, 2014


Alright, so sometime back in late 2012 the iPhone 5 came out. It was an exciting launch because it was the “fresh” iPhone release, the one where you not only get refreshed specs but you also get a refreshed hardware look. It’s a good time, everybody loves it when the number changes on the iPhone model! Still, at the time I didn’t find the iPhone 5 that exciting. How did I describe it? “Taller, prettier, thinner, and boring”. At the time, I felt very strongly about the fact that I was not impressed with the iPhone 5. I was also sort of dismayed that the “size increase” only happened to be a mere .5-inches, from the traditional 3.5-inch display to the 4-inch display we see on the iPhone today.


It was a small increase, and at the time I thought it was a waste. A 4-inch display was on the small side then, but after the iPhone 5s and 5c came out and the same 4-inch display remained, compared to some phone models in 2013 a 4-inch display was extremely small. It still kind of is, but at the same time, I’m starting to realize the charm in that.


It actually makes the iPhone unique, and I’m only seeing that now. While every other manufacturer is focusing on making their phones huge, the iPhone managed to keep it small but still get better. However, rumor has it that this year the iPhone is going to take another big step up - possibly two - to a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display. Perhaps this is the best move for Apple right now, given that phones with bigger displays seem to sell fairly well. Even for me, a 4.7-inch display is probably my limit, but it’s still pushing it a bit. For what it’s worth, I still kind of wish that Apple would keep it small. They’re kind of like the last of the Mohicans. It’s very difficult to find a small smartphones of any kind anymore, but the iPhone was always a safe bet.


I could be totally wrong. I also thought the iPhone 5c would flop, but honestly I think I’ve seen more of those around than the iPhone 5s models. Whether it was the cheap on-contract price or the bright colors, something really made the cheaper iPhone model stick out to people. Perhaps a big jump in size is something that the iPhone really needs in order to stay relevant. As for adding in an official phablet sized iPhone, why not? Everybody else does it, and unlike Android, Apple is the only manufacturer of iPhones so if Apple doesn’t do it then nobody will. So yeah, I guess I could see the draw to wanting to release a phablet-sized iPhone alongside a smaller one - but I still think that 4.7-inches might be pushing it.


Honestly, the size of the screen is what I’m intrigued about most when it comes to the iPhone 6. Normally I’m super stoked about the hardware design, but this year seems like the year that the iPhone is really going to go up in size. It’s a big deal to me because although I’m not a big fan of iOS 8, I’ve always known that the iPhone would be there for me if Android flagships became too large. iOS 8 might be an eyesore for me to look at, but at least I can hold and operate the phone comfortably in one hand. For now.


Readers, what are your thoughts on the iPhone increasing in size to a 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch display? Do you think the iPhone needs to increase the screen size, or should it stay on the smaller end of the spectrum? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Images via The Verge, Trusted Reviews