Nokia X, X+ and XL won't be upgraded to Nokia X software platform 2.0

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 25, 2014

Nokia X hands-on

Yesterday Microsoft took the wraps off of the Nokia X2, its new Android-powered smartphone that runs the refreshed Nokia X software platform 2.0. The update includes several new features to improve its user experience, such as an apps list, room for 4 tiles per row on the home screen, a new camera UI and more. Unfortunately, it looks like those folks that jumped on the Nokia X bandwagon early won’t get to enjoy those goodies.

Microsoft says that the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL will not be upgrade to the Nokia X software platform 2.0. The company says that this is due to “necessary hardware upgrades” that the original models lack. Microsoft does promise that it will push other updates to the original X family to improve their user experience in the coming months.

It’s always a bummer to learn that devices won’t receive significant software updates that their successors have. That’s especially true in this case, though, because the Nokia X, X+ and XL were announced only 4 months ago. Plus, the original Nokia X software is based on Android 4.1 while the newer version is based on Android 4.3, meaning that owners of the first X devices are two versions of behind.

It remains to be seen exactly how Microsoft will improve the user experience of the original Nokia X devices, but here’s to hoping that it brings some significant new features to the not-exactly-old hardware.

Via Android Central, Nokia Conversations 

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