New version of webOS to power all of LG's smart TVs in 2015

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 26, 2014

LG webOS smart TV

Last year, LG purchased webOS from HP and announced that it’d use the mobile platform to power some of its smart TVs. Apparently LG was pleased with its initial batch of webOS-powered TVs, because now the company says that the software will power even more of its television sets.

An LG executive has told the Wall Street Journal that webOS will soon power all of the company’s high-end smart TVs in 2015. Lee In-kyu, SVP at LG and head of its TV division, said that a new version of webOS be used on the firm’s TVs next year.

The webOS-ification of LG’s products won’t stop at its TV sets. “We will also continue to research how the platform can be applied in relation to other consumer electronic devices used in the home," Lee teased, hinting that webOS may soon power some of LG’s other home appliances.

LG webOS smart TV 2

Despite receiving some critical praise, webOS never managed to gain much traction in the U.S. smartphone market. Apparently things are different when it comes to TVs, though, as Lee says that LG has shipped more than 1.1 million webOS-powered TVs. To compare, HP is said to have shipped around 20,000 webOS mobile devices during its time as owner of the platform.

While it’s kind of a bummer that LG still hasn’t shared any plans to create new webOS smartphones, it’s also kind of understandable. Android and iOS continue to dominate the mobile landscape, and we’ve already got BlackBerry and Windows Phone competing for the third-place spot, so webOS would likely have a tough time to come to market and attempt to convince consumers to join its camp instead of going with the other platforms that most folks are probably better aware of.

The good news is that at least webOS is still alive in some form. Here’s to hoping that, now that LG is planning to load webOS onto all of its high-end TVs next year, we’ll see a wider distribution of the hardware.

LG webOS smart TV SDK developers

In other LG webOS news, the Life’s Good crew recently announced a new software development kit (SDK) to help developers create apps for webOS TVs.

Do LG’s webOS-powered TVs pique your interest?

Via Wall Street Journal, LG