What are consumers expecting from the iWatch?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| June 27, 2014

Do you ever just think, or hope even, that maybe a company is just trolling . . . everyone? We are inundated with leaks and rumors and speculation every single day, about devices that are no more real than a unicorn at the time, and we've all just accepted it as the way it is. And so have the companies. These sorts of leaks are going to happen, even if companies double-down on security. It's the nature of the beast, right?

But what about the information that just comes from unnamed sources, no pictures or anything like that, just a bunch of words linked together to paint a pretty picture. In those particular cases, of which there are many, we're left to take them for their word, and keep our fingers crossed they pan out for the devices we really want to be real.

For many, fingers have been crossed for a very long time for Apple's heavily rumored iWatch. The company's first wearable has been the focus of so many different rumors and speculation for so long that now, with so many new hires to fit the bill of building a wearable to go along with them, that it's practically already a done deal. No matter what happens this year, the one thing you can absolutely expect, beyond any shadow of a doubt, is Apple's debut of the iWatch.

Or it might not come at all, and all of those rumors and speculation will just switch gears, and instead of seeing 2014 all over the place, you'll see "coming in 2015!" with all sorts of conviction. Like it was happening the whole time, and we all just didn't really understand!

If the end of this year rolls around and we don't get an iWatch, I'm going to laugh. A lot. Will I be sad? Probably. But, more than that, I'm going to laugh, because that would have to be by design. If that were to happen, I'd seriously consider the possibility that Apple delayed it just to troll the whole world. Just to get a reaction out of all of us.

Because, surely then, just like so many times before, Apple would be doomed!

In all seriousness though, I can't figure out what people want, or expect, from the iWatch. It's all over the place. Then again, the news reports and speculation hasn't helped that situation, I guess. We've been hearing about the iWatch's rumored design for so long now that it encompasses pretty much every design category you can think of. Rectangular. A square. A circle. Something that's more akin to a FuelBand, with a little Gear Fit tossed in there for good measure. It's all over the place! Just look at the concept images I've included in this article, and you get the idea.

And features? There are apparently going to be a metric ton of sensors included with the iWatch, which are going to be used to track things like your heart rate, down to your sweat. Some people have speculated that it's going to be a watch, with some notifications thrown in; while others think it's going to be a full-on fitness wearable, with a feature that tells time. So . . . more of what we've already seen.

What are people realistically expecting from the iWatch? What do consumers want from this wearable? What exactly are they hoping to see in this device that will push them over the the top of the fence to finally buy one? Is it just the Apple logo? iOS-connectivity? The concept of premium materials, or what will probably be a high price tag? Some specific feature?

No matter what, the one thing that Apple absolutely has to pay attention to if they are indeed launching a wearable is Google's new Android Wear. It's obvious that Google's making a real push for the wearable market, so Apple is going to have to make sure that their device stands out. 

So, tell me: what is it that you're looking for in the iWatch? Or, more than that: any smartwatch. If you haven't bought one yet, or you have and ended up getting rid of it/not using it anymore, what is it you're waiting for? Let me know!

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