LG officially joins Open Automotive Alliance, says it will 'play a key role' in Android Auto

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: June 30, 2014

Android Auto logo

When Google first announced the Open Automotive Alliance in January, there were a number of major players already on board, including GM, Honda and Nvidia. Today the effort has gained another big partner thanks to the Life’s Good crew.

LG just announced that it is the newest member of the Open Automotive Alliance. The company also teased its audio, visual and navigation (AVN) system for connected vehicles, saying that it will allow consumers to use a cable to connect their Android device to their car and then utilize Google’s in-car software to access their phone’s features. LG’s AVN system is expected to launch by 2015.

As I mentioned earlier, the Open Automotive Alliance already has a number of major players backing it, but LG is one of the first big mobile names to make the Android Auto jump. And while we’re still a ways off from seeing LG’s AVN system in consumer vehicles, it’s good to see another major name backing the OAA and Android Auto.

Are you excited for Android Auto or are you not big into in-car entertainment systems?

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