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A little over three years ago, Apple extended the enrollment period of its AppleCare+ protection program. Originally, customers could only enroll in AppleCare+ at the time of their iPhone or iPad purchase, but that change extended the enrollment period to 30 days. Fast-forward three years and Apple has altered the AppleCare+ sign-up period again.

Apple today extended its AppleCare+ enrollment period for iPhone and iPad buyers, doubling the sign-up window from 30 days to 60. As originally reported by 9to5Mac, this means that consumers now have 2 months after their iPhone or iPad purchase to decide if they want to pay $99 for AppleCare+. For those that are unaware, AppleCare+ gives 2 years of product support and also covers two incidents of accidental damage.

In a move to help increase sign-ups for AppleCare+, Apple is also giving its original AppleCare plan the axe. The cheaper AppleCare program didn’t cover accidental damage to a device.

Today’s news is a bit of a mixed bag: it’s kind of a bummer that Apple has gotten rid of its cheaper AppleCare plan, but in doing so it’s also extended the enrollment window for AppleCare+. Sixty days is a lot of time to decide if you want AppleCare+ for your device, and at least now you’ve got even more time to save up for the protection.

How many of you have AppleCare or some form of insurance on your devices?

Via 9to5Mac, AppleCare+: iPhone, iPad

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