Facebook Messenger for iOS updated with support for iPad

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 3, 2014

Facebook Messenger for iPad screenshot messaging

Facebook has been pretty busy on the messaging front in 2014. First it dropped billions of dollars on popular messaging app WhatsApp, then it released an official Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone, and most recently it released a Snapchat competitor known as Slingshot. Facebook’s big messaging push continues today with the release of an iPad-friendly version of Facebook Messenger.

Facebook today issued an update to the iPhone version of the Facebook Messenger app that makes it a universal app. This means that it plays nicely with both the iPhone and iPad. Besides iPad support, the update to version 7.0 includes a tweak to make calls more reliable and a fix to make the list of active Facebook users appear more quickly.

Facebook Messenger for iPad screenshot stickers

Since it’s a universal app, iPad owners can expect all of the functionality of the iPhone version of the Facebook Messenger app. That includes stickers, group conversations, voice messages, location sharing, free calling and more.

Even though it took Facebook quite a while to make Facebook Messenger play nicely with the iPad, it’s nice to see that it’s finally happened. Best of all is that since it’s a universal app, Facebook Messenger fans needn’t worry about seeking out a separate, iPad-specific app in the App Store to get their FB chatting on.

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