LG G Watch now shipping out to buyers

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 3, 2014

LG G Watch Black Titan White Gold

Late last week, Google put the LG G Watch up for pre-order and said that units would begin leaving its warehouses by July 3. Well, I’ve confirmed with my calendar that today is July 3, and Google has confirmed that the G Watch is indeed shipping.

Our pal Brooks from Android and Me has been alerted that his LG G Watch is now on its way to him, meaning that the first Android Wear hardware is now making its way to consumers. The LG G Watch is still available for purchase from the Play Store in Black Titan and White Gold at a price of $229. New purchases are expected to ship in one to two business days.

LG G Watch now shipping

It’s good to see that Google was able to begin pushing LG G Watch units out to buyers on the same date that it said that it would. Sure, those folks may not have their new toy in time to be shown off at Fourth of July parties, but anyone that bought a G Watch should get their new wristwear sometime next week. Good thing that we’ve already got an Android Wear update and several Android Wear apps to get those people ready for their new watch.

Have you ordered an LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live?

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