Unannounced Nokia Lumia Windows Phone poses for several leaked photos

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 3, 2014

Unannounced Nokia Lumia leak 730 830

Ready for a Windows Phone-flavored mystery, friends? I hope so, because that’s precisely what I’ve got for you this morning.

Several images of an unannounced Nokia Windows Phone have been posted to Chinese social network Weibo. The mysterious Lumia device appears to have an aluminum outer edge and a polycarbonate back, similar to the Lumia Icon/930. We can also see that it’s got a top-mounted USB port, capacitive Windows Phone navigation buttons and a round rear camera housing that includes a flash.

The identity of this new Windows Phone isn’t known, but it’s suggested that it could be a mid-range follow-up to the Lumia 720 or Lumia 820. Both of those models have 4.3-inch displays, and this leaked phone appears to have a smallish display as well, so the theory that this is a Lumia 730 or 830 does seem to have some legs. Plus, this leaked device appears to have a flat camera housing, which suggests that it’s not crazy high-end like the Lumia 1020’s shooter.

We haven’t seen many mid-range Windows Phone devices from Nokia lately, with the company attacking either the low-end or the high-end with devices like the Lumia 635 and Lumia 930. It looks like that’ll be changing soon, though. Stay tuned for more details on this thing as I get ‘em.

Via The Verge, Weibo