Are you disappointed with Android L?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| July 6, 2014

We get a lot of updates for our mobile devices every year. We may start at one major number, but by the time Google, Apple or even Microsoft get ready to launch another major version of their mobile platform, we've got a bunch of minor updates that make it look like and so on. With each of those updates, our excitement levels can vary quite a bit. Sometimes they're worth the wait, and sometimes it's just an update that's meant to "squash bugs and fix security issues."

That's all well and good. Bug squashing is great, and added security to the devices that have become so important in our lives is definitely important. But, let's be honest here: The updates that bring us new features, or tweaks to the way things look, or otherwise freshen up the experience are what we all really want.

I know I love when my phone gets new features and what not. Sure, I bought it to start because of what it could do right out of the box, and I never buy a phone based on the idea that an update might make it better at some point in the future, but that doesn't mean I still don't look forward to those kinds of updates. Because I do.

I also look forward to the announcements that reveal those updates, because I love to see what the companies get excited about. What they're adding or changing or removing to potentially make their operating system better. A lot of hard work goes into developing the software that so many people are going to use, so I love to see it get announced.

Recently, Google took to the stage and announced the newest version of Android. The company broke their trend of previous years and didn't actually announce the code name for this new version, instead opting to keep it a secret for now. One would imagine they plan on revealing it with a big announcement later this year, maybe alongside the new Nexus smartphone. Whatever the case, they may have left out the name, but they didn't leave out the features.

And there are certainly quite a few updates in store for Android. Especially when it comes to design and aesthetics.

Google changed quite a bit and added plenty into the newest version of Android. Android looks totally different, and yet retains plenty of the elements that people have come to know and love. With Material Design, Google's making it so that you can absolutely recognize their design approach, pretty much anywhere you look.

It's a huge update, and there's plenty to like, but we all know that pleasing everyone isn't possible. Even those who like Android might not like the alterations that Google will implement later this year. And that's who I want to hear from now.

With all of the new changes coming to Android, from your wrist to your car, and with your smartphone somewhere in between, is there anything that you didn't necessarily like about the newest version to the platform? Did the update, or any part of it, disappoint you? Let me know.