Google Now reminders gain 'occasionally' interval option

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 6, 2014

Google Now reminders occasionally

Google Now has gained quite a few new tricks in recent weeks, including a bill reminder and an alarm for your public transit stops. Now the all-knowing, card-based assistant has one more new feature that you may want to be aware of. 

When setting a reminder in Google Now, you’ll be asked when you’d like to be reminded of your task. The options include “today,” “tomorrow” and now “occasionally.” Selecting the “occasionally” option will place the reminder near the top of your Google Now feed as an Ongoing notification, and you’ll be given the option of being reminded the next day.

Since it’s new, details on this new “occasionally” setting are still light. It’s not clear how frequently Google will alert you or when it was added. It seems like a nice way to be reminded of tasks that you need to perform every now and then, like doing some chores or calling your mother. Speaking of which, have you called your mother lately?

Anyway. You should be able to begin using this new “occasionally” setting in your Google Now, well, now. Go ahead and check to see if it’s there now, and if so, let me know what you might use this type of reminder for.

Via Android Police