More details on Verizon's prepaid 4G LTE launch leak out

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 6, 2014

Verizon 4G logo

Earlier this week, a rumor claimed that Verizon will finally add 4G LTE access to its prepaid plans on July 17. Unfortunately for anyone that's been waiting for LTE connectivity before making the prepaid plunge on Verizon, details on the big red carrier's plans were light. That's changing today, though, as a new report has more information on what Verizon will introduce.

According to @evleaks, Verizon will indeed enable 4G LTE access for prepaid users on July 17. It's said that the base plan will include unlimited talk and text as well as 500MB of data for $45. Users that'd like some extra monthly megabytes will be able to pay $10 for 1GB or $30 for 3GB. That pricing is identical to what Verizon is currently asking for its Allset Plans and Bridge Data add-ons.

Interestingly, today's report also claims that Verizon's prepaid LTE service will work with any Verizon LTE-capable smartphone. While Verizon's prepaid offerings may not be the cheapest in wireless, the LTE access and support for any 4G handset is exciting news for anyone that'd like to be on Verizon and save a few bucks compared to its postpaid plans.

Based on what we've heard of Verizon's LTE prepaid service so far, are you thinking about switching once the new offerings go live?

Via @evleaks