Google reportedly prepping improved backup and restore functionality for Android

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 9, 2014

Google services backup and restore

Most people don’t switch smartphones very often, but any time that you do, one of the biggest issues that you have to deal with is backing up and restoring your data. That process may get much easier for Android users soon, as a new report claims that Google is working to improve its restore service.

According to Android Police, Google is prepping a new method of app and data restoration for Android. It’s said that this restore method will be baked into the Play Store and will allow users to select a backup from a list of multiple saves, giving users more control over what they’re restoring than Android currently offers. It’s also said that there may be an option to individually add apps into your backup.

Most of the details of this new restoration offering are still light, so it’s not clear exactly how much control users will have over their restores. That said, Android’s current restoration process isn’t exactly amazing, promising to back up vague “data” and not offering up many more details. We won’t know exactly how this new restoration method is improved over its current form until the public launch, which could happen in the fall with Android L, but just about anything would be better than what Android’s got now.

Have you ever restored a phone or tablet from a previous backup?

Via Android Police