Motorola posts new Moto 360 video, focuses on round watch face

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 9, 2014

Moto 360 watch face

Last month, Google officially introduced the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live as the first Android Wear devices and began selling both products to the public. Google also showed us the Moto 360, but it said that that wearable won’t be available until “later this summer.” Thankfully Motorola has decided to make the wait a bit more bearable with another video highlighting the Moto 360’s features.

Motorola today posted a new video titled “Moto 360: Why a Watch” that explains why it opted to use a round face for its Android Wear device. Product Lead Lior Ron explains that the Moto 360 was inspired by watches and that, when designing the 360, it was aiming for a balance of design and functionality.

Ron goes on to offer three reasons why Motorola prefers a round watch face to a square one. He says that a round shape is more comfortable for the wearer, allows for a more sizable display and is a classic look.

Both the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live are available for purchase from the Play Store, but I’m betting that many consumers are waiting for the Moto 360’s launch before taking the Android Wear plunge. That’s likely due to many reasons, including the 360’s round face, which offers a look that’s closer to a more traditional watch that the square faces of the G Watch and Gear Live, as well as Motorola’s previous hardware offerings.

Are you waiting for the Moto 360 before adopting Android Wear? If so, what made you decide to buy the 360 over LG and Samsung’s offerings?

Via Motorola (YouTube)

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