HTC Dot View app updated, now supports case themes and more

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| July 11, 2014

The Dot View case for the HTC One (M8) may look like a normal case when it's just sitting on a table wrapped around the high-end device, but once the dots start lighting up on the front, it immediately becomes apparent what makes it stand out against the competition. Now, HTC has released an update to the Dot View app, which brings with it plenty of new things to make the case even more worthwhile.

Today, HTC releasd an update to the company's Dot View app, which is available for free through the Google Play Store. With the update, the Dot View case will get some new features, including the ability to add pictures as themes to the case itself. HTC was nice enough to include 18 images within the app for you to try out and show off, but you can also include your own images from the Gallery. Considering the template, some images might not look all that great, but there are some that certainly look quite good.

Other features that have been thrown in teeter more towards the productivity category, rather than the aesthetic. Just utilizing the Dot View case, you'll be able to redial the last three numbers that have called you. Moreover, you'll be able to swipe left or right on the face of the case to gain access to even more notifications.

The Dot View case was certainly one of the most attractive and unique accessories to launch this year, and it's quite the compliment to the already stand-out HTC One (M8). It's easy to see why some would think other companies should follow suit with more unique accessories. Check out Marco's video review of the Dot View case to see it in action (not including the cool themes, sadly), and then head through the Google Play source link below to download the app. The case retails for around $45.00, give or take a few bucks where you might find it. The app is free.

Via: AndroidPolice; Google Play Store

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