There are too many leaks

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| July 11, 2014

Every year we get a new iPhone, and that will probably be the case for at least a little while longer. This year is like every other year, in that it's believed we'll get a major iPhone redesign. This isn't just one of those "other years," where Apple unveils an "s" or "S" variant. This is the "big year," and so on and so on.

This year also has the differentiation of being the year that Apple finally launches a big iPhone. Something that a lot of people, even me, have been clamoring for for quite some time. So, admittedly, there is a lot of anticipation for September, when it's believed that Apple will officially unveil, and release, the next iPhone.

Don't get me wrong, there was plenty of excitement around the iPhone 5's launch, when, back then, that was Apple's big iPhone, but this year just feels different. It could be that we've been hearing for so long that it won't just be a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 released, but also a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 as well. Or, it could be the belief that not only is Apple gearing up to launch another iPhone, but also the oft-rumored iWatch along with it. Maybe people just really like sapphire glass.

Whatever the case, the iPhone 6 is easily one of the most talked about devices this year. And one of the most leaked.

Every week we see more and more of the same thing: internals, individual components, front panels, and back panels. At this point, leaks are now showcasing the LCD shielding for the upcoming device, just because we obviously haven't seen the device nearly enough yet.

And yet, I feel like we have.

I'm excited for the iPhone 6, yes, but there's a point where these leaks will start to ruin the surprise. I already feel like I might be there already. Between the leaks, the physical dummy builds and strikingly realistic renders, the iPhone 6 has all but been officially unveiled at this point. The worst part, though? It's only July! Which means we've still got the rest of this month and August to get through, all in the hopes that we don't see the final product leaked ahead of its official unveiling.

I honestly like leaks and rumors, to a point. Getting to hear about a device several months in advance is pretty great, but not if it means I have to watch it get unveiled, sometimes literally piece by piece, before a final leak showcases the real deal, long before an announcement. Just look at devices like Samsung's rumored Galaxy F, which has been leaked so many times that we're starting to just look at the same color schemes at this point and calling it "new."

It's out of hand at this point. What happened to the surprise? I think the problem comes from the pictures, not so much the information. We can hear about larger displays, and see reports on sapphire glass, and whatever other features might go into an upcoming device, but actually seeing it kind of ruins it for me. I'd rather just have a general idea, based on rumors and speculation, as to what we can expect from a new device, and then actually feel the wonder of the final reveal because it's actually new, and not something that I've seen in a metric ton of other photos beforehand.

How do you feel about leaks? Do you feel like there is oftentimes just too many, and they can potentially ruin the official reveal of a phone? Or do you eat up every leak and love it? Let me know!