How's your time with Android Wear going?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| July 14, 2014

Earlier this year, Google announced Android Wear. And with it, their announcement into the wearable market. All previous versions of Android that had found their way onto smartwatches in the past were just ancillary effort to the overall platform, but they were never meant to be the main goal. That's where Android Wear comes in. This is Google's answer to, well, smartwatches, from the software side of things, all the while making sure that Android is not only part of the conversation, but is the conversation.

Since then, quite a lot has happened. For starters, Google showcased the new platform at their I/O conference, and then also made it possible to buy the first two Android Wear-based devices: LG's G Watch and Samsung's Gear Live. Both devices are priced moderately well, hovering around the $200 mark, but at the same time both devices offer up pretty abysmal battery life (just over a day, in most cases, before needing a recharge).

These are two devices that may look like they've been ready to go for quite some time, with LG's simple-enough design aesthetic and Samsung's reuse of their Galaxy Gear/Gear 2 wearables, but the truth is they're running a brand new platform under the hood. Which means, because it's so new, that there might be some kinks to work out.

And don't take that as a bad thing, because it isn't. It can't be. Google's launching something new, and it's hopefully going to inspire quite a bit of movement and advancement in the smartwatch market, so it's definitely a good thing. But, like any brand new thing, it's bound to raise some questions along the way as well.

Those can only come from the people who are using the platform and the devices that are available. Though, I can't help but wonder how many people are waiting to jump on board the Android Wear bandwagon until Motorola releases the Moto 360.

So I'm curious, how has your time with Android Wear been so far? Let me know!