Verizon LG G3 includes removable battery

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 14, 2014

Verizon LG G3 removable battery

Last week when Verizon put its version of the LG G3 up for pre-order, Ol’ Red gave us the full rundown on the G3’s spec list. Interestingly, the device was listed as having a non-removable battery, which is strange because the international G3’s battery can be removed. The good news is that it looks like Verizon’s listing was an error.

Verizon spokesperson Albert Aydin today tweeted out the image you see above, confirming that the Verizon LG G3 does actually have a removable battery. And just in case you’re curious, the G3’s battery capacity is 3000mAh.

Removable batteries are a make-or-break feature for some folks, and while it’s not be as important a feature to others, it’s still nice to have. It’s not too shocking to learn that Verizon’s LG G3 includes a removable battery like its siblings do, but it’s nice to get confirmation straight from Big Red just days ahead of the device’s launch.

Is a removable battery a must-have smartphone feature for you?

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