Google Glass XE19.1 update brings improved connectivity, visual refresh

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: July 15, 2014

Google Glass cotton white

Android Wear may be taking most of Google’s wearable spotlight as of late, but today Google Glass is getting a bit of time in the sun once again.

Google has introduced the XE19.1 update for Google Glass. The official changelog is a short one, but the tweaks that are included are pretty notable.

The first improvement promises to bring “more reliable connectivity.” This means that Glass should be able to better handle any network issues that you experience while asking Glass to perform various functions.

Google Glass XE19.1 update visual refresh

The second tweak is a visual makeover for voice actions. Google describes the new voice action menu as having a “sleeker, cleaner look.”

Android Wear is currently the new hotness on the wearables block, but it’s good to see Google continue to show some love to those folks that previously plunked down $1500 for Glass. This update sounds like a pretty spiffy one, and so you Glass wearers will likely want to snag it as quickly as possibly. The update will be going out over the next few days, but you can try and speed up the process by connecting Glass to Wi-Fi and plugging it into its charger.

Via Google