Google Wallet for Android and iOS updated with gift card storage, money requests and more

Published: July 16, 2014

Google Wallet gift cards Android, iOS

Chrome isn’t the only Google app that’s getting updated today! Google just announced that its upgrading the Google Wallet app for both Android and iOS with some new features.

First up, Google Wallet users can now store their gift cards within the app simply by snapping a photo of the barcode or typing the info in. Users will also be able to check the balance of certain cards and get reminders when they’re near a store. Finally, you can save an electronic gift card directly to Google Wallet as well.

Retailers that are participating in the Google Wallet gift card feature include AMC, Best Buy, Nike, Sepora, TGI Friday’s, Toys R Us and Whole Foods Market.

Google Wallet request money

The second new Google Wallet feature is the ability to request money from friends. When you want cash from you buddy, you can request a payment and he or she will receive a notification about your request. You can also send them a nudge to remind them of your request or send a message and attach a photo.

Third up is sending money with a debit card. Google says that Wallet users can now send money for free with a debit card, meaning that folks no longer need to hunt for their checkbook to send money.

Finally, Google Wallet will now display text in Spanish if the device’s language settings are toggled to Spanish.

Overall this looks like a pretty spiffy update for anyone that’s still using Google Wallet. The ability store gift cards ought to help lighten your wallet load even further, and with payment requests, getting money from your pals should be easier than before and less awkward than asking in person.

Google says that this Wallet update will be rolling out to Android and iOS users this week. How many of you use Google Wallet regularly?

Via Google Commerce, Google Wallet: Google Play, App Store

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