Sfronzols app review (Sponsored)

| July 16, 2014

Virtual pets aren’t anything new. For me, they go all the way back to when I was kid and begged my parents to buy me a Giga Pet. What can I say?  I wanted a tiny T-Rex that I could sneak into school. In today’s world, our smartphones make everything easier, including adopting a virtual pet. Let’s take a look at Sfronzols, a free virtual pet app available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Sfronzols utilizes the timeless virtual pet concept and offers it in a modern smartphone package. But does it create the same buzz and excitement of virtual pets of the past?  

Just like you’d expect, your Sfronzol journey starts at birth when you choose which gender you prefer your pet to be. Afterward, your Sfronzol can be born with a number of randomly generated traits and features such as shape, color, eye color and more. Once your new pet is born, the fun really begins.

You will want to take note of the different indicators and meters at the top of your screen that indicate when your Sfronzol is happy, hungry, tired or needs a bath. Overall, I had fun interacting with my Sfronzol, but I did worry that my schedule would keep me away from my Sfronzol too much and that he’d ultimately live a dreadful life. He really didn’t require too much maintenance, though, and I even forgot to give him attention for a whole day. Luckily, after a few rounds of feeding, bathing and playing, he was good as new.  He did suffer through a cold of sorts that required a trip to the pharmacy to pick up some medicine, which brings me to my next point.

Sfronzols isn’t a one scene virtual pet game. Instead, the game takes place inside a virtual house and community in which your Sfronzol lives. You will find yourself having to make trips to the market to buy food, the pharmacy or hospital for medicine and a general store for clothes and accessories. Because of this, Sfronzols isn’t a one trick pony, but is a virtual pet game that evolves and offers new and fun things for your Sfronzol to do. If that’s not enough Sfronzol fun for you, when your Sfronzol needs to take a nap, you can still play mini games on your Sfronzol’s own gaming console that’s located in their living room.  

The presentation of Sfronzols is on point and very complete. The animations are appropriate and fun, the sound effects are great and even the music that plays when your Sfronzol sings to you is well-timed, making me smirk every time it happens. Colors are bright and friendly and the overall atmosphere gives the game a tone that makes it a fun experience for players of all ages.  

The Wrap-up

The Good: Sfronzols has great animations, music and sound effects. The game offers a handful of activities and responsibilities without being a burden on your everyday life. It’s really great that each Sfronzol looks unique. 

The Bad: More playtime activities are needed.

The Verdict:  In all honesty, if you’re someone who can’t picture themselves playing with a virtual pet, then Sfronzols isn’t for you. But for those seeking a cute little digital creature to take care of, look no further.  Sfronzols gets a lot right when it comes to virtual pets, letting you spend hours playing with your very own Sfronzol. And let’s not forget, it offers that experience for free.

If you’re interested in Sfronzols, be sure to download it from Google Play or the App Store and let us know what you think about the virtual pet app in the comments down below!