Moto X discounted by Motorola once again

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 18, 2014

Moto X black

Motorola is planning to unveil the successor to the Moto X sometime in the “late summer,” so I’m betting that it would like to unload as many Moto Xs as possible before then. To aid it in that effort, Motorola is now offering a discount on its current flagship smartphone.

If you head on over to Moto Maker, create a device and then enter the promo code MBXISMOT at checkout, you’ll receive $100 or $125 off of your order depending on how much storage you want. Applying the code will leave the 16GB Moto X at $299.99, the 32GB model at $324.99 and the capacious 64GB flavor at $379.99. The promo code is good until July 23. It’s also worth noting that Motorola is throwing in a free Moto Skip with each Moto X purchase.

The Moto X is certainly no spring chicken at this point, and with its successor just months away, the X may not seem particularly appealing. It’s still a quality device, though, and it continues to receive pretty prompt updates from Motorola. Plus, $299.99 is a pretty nice price for an unlocked, customizable smartphone. So if you or someone you know is in the hunt for an affordable new handset, the Moto X is one to consider.

Via Android Police, Moto Maker

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