HTC Sense Input keyboard hits the Google Play Store

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 22, 2014

HTC One M8 rear

One of the hot new trends in Android seems to be manufacturers releasing their unique apps into Google Play to make them easier to update. HTC jumped on this bandwagon in March with the launch of apps like BlinkFeed and SenseTV, and today the company added one more app to its section of the Play Store.

The HTC Sense Input app is HTC’s own virtual keyboard, and today it landed in the Play Store. The app is said to speed up the user’s typing, reduce errors and offer word selections. It also includes trace input for one-handed typing.

As we’ve seen with other HTC apps, the Sense Input app is currently only available to HTC devices. The good news for anyone that owns one of those products is that the launch of this standalone HTC Sense Input app brings with it an update with some notable changes:

  • Support Google extract view in landscape mode.
  • Add the prompt when adding none word into personal dictionary.
  • Show .ru/.ro/.nl on Russian/Romanian/Dutch URL keyboard.
  • Enable Handwriting manual submit mode.
  • Fix Zhuyin “?” cannot be typed issue.

Manufacturers like to release their unique apps into the Play Store because it allows them to issue updates without having to wait for a full-on device update. It’d be awesome to see these companies make their apps available to all, but I’m sure that most would prefer to keep them limited as a way to make their own hardware more attractive to consumers. Still, it’s nice to see more OEMs getting on board with this trend.

Via Google Play: HTC Sense Input