I'm not suffering from screen envy, are you?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| July 22, 2014

Well, Apple seems to think an iPhone is coming. Which is good, probably, since we kind of need them to be on board with the idea to get something new later this year. And over the last few months, we've been hearing about the phone pretty much constantly. Helped a bit by Apple, of course, when they officially unveiled iOS 8 earlier this year, and have released subsequent betas of the mobile OS practically making sure the platform stays in someone's eye somewhere.

Truth be told, Apple probably wouldn't have to do much to keep the iPhone in people's mind. The announcement comes once a year, and it's a pretty big deal. Even people who hate iPhones, iOS or even Apple pay attention to these "events." Yeah, they'll make fun of them throughout and afterwards, but they still watched the whole thing. In the mobile industry, Apple reveal events take precedent over the whole day. We've all come to expect it.

And this year is apparently going to be a doozy. For one, it's not one of those "s" or "S" years, where the improvements are so small you can barely shake a stick at them. This year's a big year, and Apple knows it. Everyone out there who watches these types of things knows it. Geez, even people who just wait for iPhones to launch know this is a big year.

All because of a big iPhone.

That's really the big deal this time around, right? A big iPhone. Well, a big iPhone, and then a really big iPhone. Maybe, unless it gets delayed, as some rumors have suggested. There are obviously going to be plenty of features in the new iPhone(s), iOS 8 included, but with plenty of different hardware things to take note of and put on a bullet list, but ultimately everyone's just expecting the 4.7-inch display. It's something that people have been demanding for a long time, probably even before the Android market took off with ridiculously huge displays. And this year is finally the year!

Samsung has a 30-second TV ad for the Galaxy S5 out there right now, and they're calling it "Screen Envy." As you can imagine, it's all about a pair of individuals sitting at a table, and then they're talking about their phones. It's hard to tell if they're friends or just random guys who happen to end up on the same table, but that's not really the point anyway. Samsung's point is that they've had big screens for a long time, and that iPhone users should "stop waiting" and just go ahead and make the switch already.

Samsung isn't afraid of "attack ads," but I'll just go ahead and tell you I'm not much of a fan of them. I've outlined in the past why I think some Samsung ads are great, and really get the point of some of their features across, but these ads, which Samsung has made at least three of them so far this year showcasing Apple-branded devices (yes, really), just miss the mark. Especially the whole "screen envy" situation.

The people who have been waiting are going to continue to wait, and the people who have wanted a bigger display at the sake of sacrificing iOS have already done so. Some of them have never looked back, and some have made the return. But maybe the real question should be: Are people going to abandon those other big devices that they apparently had screen envy for when Apple finally gives them what they want?

And that's my question to you: Did you suffer from your own screen envy at some point, and make the switch to another device from an iPhone just for a bigger screen? And, if Apple launches a 4.7- and/or 5.5-inch iPhone 6/Air, do you plan on going back? Let me know!