HTC Clock app lands on the virtual shelves of the Google Play Store

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 23, 2014

HTC Clock app screenshots

HTC’s effort to add its unique Sense apps to the Google Play Store continues!

HTC recently added the “HTC Clock” app to Google Play. The app includes standard clock features like World Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer.

Like other HTC apps, the HTC Clock is likely only compatible with HTC hardware. Interestingly, though, it says that the app isn’t compatible with an HTC One (M7) that I’ve got on hand. It’s unclear why this is the case.

As I mentioned yesterday when HTC added its Sense Input keyboard to the Play Store, the release of the standalone HTC Clock app means that HTC will be able to issue updates to the app whenever it likes rather than waiting around for a full-on device update. And while an update for a clock app may not sound like the most exciting thing ever, it’s still nice to know that HTC can push out an update to HTC Clock whenever it wants to.

If you want to check out the HTC Clock app and see if it’s compatible with your device, you can hit up Google Play using the link below.

Via Android Police, Google Play: HTC Clock