Google Chrome Beta for Android updated with Material Design look, simplified sign-in

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 24, 2014

Chrome Beta Android L Material Design

Looks like the Google Play Store isn’t the only Android app that’s getting a touch of Material Design this week.

Google is now pushing an update to the Chrome Beta for Android that brings it up to version 37. The new version gives the Chrome Beta a touch of the Material Design that Google showed off last month as part of its Android L preview. The new Chrome Beta interface looks flatter than it did previously.

Chrome Beta simplified sign-in

Google says that Chrome Beta version 37 also includes simplified sign-in. Now users need only to hit the overflow button in the upper right corner of their display, tap Settings and then go into Sign in to Chrome to access their Google account along with their bookmarks, passwords and other goodies.

The official Android L update may still be a ways off, but it’s good to see Google already giving its apps a bit of Material Design. Not only does it give everyone not in the Android L Developer Preview a taste of what’s to come with the Android L update, but it also means that more apps will fit right in with Android L when the update does begin hitting users later this year.

If you’re not rocking the Chrome Beta app yet and you want to check out the new look for yourself, hit up the Google Play link below.

Via Google Chrome Blog, Google Play: Chrome Beta