An HTC One (M8) running Windows Phone almost sounds too good to be true

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| July 28, 2014

As we wait for Google's Android L and Apple's iOS 8 to land on devices later this year, outside of any developer previews or betas, I'm feeling the inclination that I want something new. Something different. Something fresher than what I've been using for several months already. Sure, there's nothing wrong with the phone I'm using, per se, but it's been a few months and I can already feel the itch for something new.

The trouble with that is that it's the end of July, which means we're in the middle of releases. The eye of the storm, so to speak. Earlier in the year we had flagships from Samsung and HTC, and then a bit later we had LG's hero device land in stores. Now, all we can do is wait for what's next, from Apple, Samsung, and Motorola (among others).

So, while I want something new right now, the logical conclusion would be to wait.

Right now, Windows Phone has my attention again, and it's all because of the Windows Phone 8.1 update that Microsoft is (very) gradually releasing to certain device owners. It will take some time to get out there to everyone, and in the meantime we're already seeing signs of what's to come next. Microsoft's putting a big focus on their mobile operating system moving forward, and that's potentially a good thing, as they continue to optimize and boost their platform.

The phones are a big part of the equation, though. The software can be great, but if there aren't any worthwhile devices running them, then it's all for naught. And that's why, while I was excited to see new features coming to the next update to Windows Phone 8.1, I was more excited about talk of HTC's next Windows Phone-based handset coming down the pipe.

The moment you toss around the idea that HTC could release a One (M8) device, but running Windows Phone instead of Android, you've got my undivided attention. Which is exactly what happened Sunday afternoon, when I saw the report that HTC was considering just this scenario. I'm trying to stay level with my excitement, though, because this isn't the first time that we've heard something like this, with some reports dating back to last year and a One (M7) with Windows Phone being rumored to launch.

But honestly, this is the type of device that would get me to switch. More than that, though, I think this is a device that could get some new eyes focused on Microsoft and their mobile OS. The One (M8) is one of the most highly-rated devices out there, it continues to claim top spots within our own Official Smartphone Rankings, and I haven't met anyone who has outright disliked the device (other than saying it's slippery). If Microsoft could secure their own flagship device like this, running Windows Phone, and utilize some of that popularity for their own goals, that would be a win-win situation if I ever saw one.

Unfortunately, it's just a rumor for now, and there's nothing really solid to go on. Nevertheless, it's still enough to pique the interest of anyone who's been waiting for a device like this with Windows Phone on it. Nokia has pretty much run the show for quite some time, so it would be good to see another manufacturer actually release something worthwhile again.

What about you? Would you pick up a Windows Phone 8.1-based HTC One (M8)? Is that a device that would make you switch to Microsoft's mobile platform, or stick with it, if you had been considering switching away? Let me know!

Top image via AndroidCentral; image via Windows Phone Daily