Google Workshop leaks as custom smartphone case creation service

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 1, 2014

Google Workshop custom smartphone case leak

Google has long offered accessories for its Nexus devices in the Play Store, including some bumper cases, QuickCover cases and snap cases for the Nexus 5. Apparently El Goog isn’t stopping there, though, as a new leak suggests that Google’s going to get personal with its next N5 case offerings.

A leak published by Android Police suggests that Google is working on a new service called “Workshop” that will allow users to create custom Nexus 5 cases. Right now the Google Workshop service appears to have two different case options:

  • MapMe: Designs a custom case and live wallpaper based on a location, such as a hometown. The user can select the location and then tweak the design’s text, colors and more. The live wallpaper is expected to display tweets or weather associated with that location.
  • Moments: Moments allows users to upload their own photos that can be applied to a case and to live wallpapers. Once uploaded, the images can be moved around, filtered and have messages applied to them.

Google Workshop custom smartphone case screenshot

There’s no word yet on when or if Google Workshop might launch to the public or how much its custom cases will cost. Google’s obviously not the first company to offer custom phone cases, the fact that it’s Google and its live wallpaper offerings could make Google Workshop a compelling offering for Nexus 5 owners. 

Would you create a custom Google Workshop case if the service were offered for your phone?

Via Android Police

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