I hope the LG G3 Stylus offers more than just a bigger display and pen support

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| August 5, 2014

My favorite "leaks" are the ones you really don't expect. Anyone who watches the mobile market, or pays any attention to it at all, really, will know that leaks of devices out there in the wild, or under the focus of Mr. Blurrycam, are going to happen. They always do. We even get to see the parts of our favorite phones now, from logic boards to just about everything else. Even as some companies try to double down on security so these things don't happen, we all know they're going to anyway.

But, my favorites are the ones that just come out of nowhere, and probably aren't even mistakes more often than not. For instance, we saw a video posted earlier today that was supposed to focus on the LG G3 Beat, the manufacturer's most recent addition to the G3 lineup. With a runtime of just over three minutes, the video's obviously meant to keep its focus on the smaller handset. To get people talking about the smaller brethren of its LG G3.

And yet, we're going to talk about a bigger device instead.

At the end of the video, when we're supposed to see the LG G3 next to the G3 Beat in a class pose (with the G3 Beat front-and-center!), we're introduced to a previously unannounced handset at the same time. It's called the G3 Stylus, and yes, that's a terrible phone name. It might not even be a good name for a stylus, but apparently that's what LG is going with. There's even a stylus leaning against the device, just in case there might be any confusion.

What's really noteworthy here, though, isn't so much how the device has begun to make the news cycle, but the fact that, not counting any tricks of placement here, we're clearly looking at a smartphone that's bigger than the LG G3. Which means, more than likely, the G3 Stylus is hovering around the 5.7-inch mark. It may not be as big as a rumored whale, but that's still a healthy sized smartphone.

Which means we're probably going to call it a phablet when it launches at some point this year, and that means we're going to obviously be comparing it to Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note phablet. Both devices could have 5.7-inch displays, and both devices are obviously going to have a stylus accessory. But if LG really wants to make some noise later this year, especially as a direct competitor to the Galaxy Note 4, then it has to come down to more than similarities.

First and foremost, and this can't be stressed enough, LG has to launch the G3 Stylus with the stylus. I know that this sounds crazy, considering the name of the device, but just the fact they're naming it after the accessory doesn't necessarily mean they're going to include the thing with the device, right out of the box. If LG launches this device without the stylus in the box and makes us buy it separately? Well, just pack it in, because there's no reason to even go over any other scenarios. That will immediately make the Galaxy Note 4 a better option.

Rumors are swirling that the Galaxy Note 4 is going to have a 5.x-inch QHD display, and that would make sense with the improvements they made to the Galaxy Note 3 last year, and the fact they've got a Galaxy S5 variant out there in the wild with the same resolution. I have no doubt that Samsung wants to make that a reality, but a safe bet would be LG, considering their flagship device, available on multiple carriers in the United States now, already has a QHD resolution display. So, opting to give the bigger variant of your G3 family the same attention would make sense.

However, it's just going to come down to features as far as I'm concerned. The Galaxy Note phablet lineup has always stood out for not just making a big phone and giving customers a stylus in the box, but by offering features that actually bridge the gap between a smartphone and a tablet. Plus, the features that are inherently combined with the stylus, or S Pen. This isn't something that only Samsung can do. If LG really wants to make sure their upcoming G3 Stylus stands out, they're going to have to look at what Samsung has done to make the Galaxy Note lineup so great, and expand upon it. Make it better.

Of course, it will then come down to timing. Will LG officially unveil/launch the G3 Stylus before or after Samsung unveils/launches the Galaxy Note 4? How much will that make a difference for consumers? What do you think? Does LG stand a chance against Samsung when it comes to the phablet niche?