Has a Surface Pro model replaced your laptop?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| August 5, 2014

Is there a product out there, whether hardware or software, that you want, but know you shouldn't buy? And not only for the customary monetary issues. But, simply because you realize your desire for the product, for how cool it may be or whatever else might catch your eye, outweighs any real physical benefits it may give you. You want it, but when you try to picture it in your life, maybe even replacing something you already use every day, it just doesn't exactly fit.

I have that with a few different things out there in the wild. For a long time, it was pretty much every tablet on the market. No matter how many I tried, or even liked as a device in general, I just couldn't find a reason to keep it. Me and tablets just didn't get along, no matter how badly I wanted one. That eventually changed, but only kind of.

Smartwatches are another area that I really do want to adopt into my life. I think, generally speaking, they're probably some of the coolest devices we have on the market right now. Wearables in general, really, are certainly eye catching, and it makes sense why just about every manufacturer/company out there wants to jump on the bandwagon. But, no matter how many times I try (and it feels like a lot now), it doesn't feel like me and the wearable (any one of them) are on the same page.

This could be just me waiting for a specific product to land on the market. The "perfect" wearable, or tablet, or whatever else. And obviously not perfect for everyone, but just for me. That device that does everything I want it to, and without having to make very many sacrifices to get it done. That could certainly be it.

Waiting is hard, though. I'm not a fan.

I liked the idea of the Surface Pro when Microsoft initially unveiled it, but I really didn't jump on board until the Surface Pro 2. The changes that the company made to the tablet made it stand out, and I picked one up as soon as I could. But, trying to use it on my lap, and trying to type with the speed I normally do on a traditional keyboard led me to realize that the Surface Pro 2 just wasn't for me.

Obviously, when Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 3 and made sure to point out the alterations they made to the kickstand, the keyboard, all with an emphasis on using the device on your lap, I felt like they were talking right at me. I went to a store to check it out, and I almost bought one. But, when I priced it against the product I was already using, and really went down the list of features, the apps I'd have to stop using, switch to, or whatever else, I realized it wasn't for me. Yet again.

I want a Surface Pro 3. Every time I see it (not including the commercials, of which I'm not a fan of), I just want to take one home. I think it's a cool device, with a great design and plenty of awesome features. But, I realize that if I did pick it up, I probably wouldn't have it for long. Whatever it is, routine or price or features or whatever else, I just know in the bottom of my heart that buying it won't actually give me what I want it to.

While I was thinking about this last night, I realized that I haven't seen a Surface Pro 2, or Surface Pro 3 out in the wild. I still see laptops. Sure, I see people using tablets, but they've usually got a Kindle logo on the back, or Apple's familiar icon. And so I wanted to ask: Has the Surface Pro 3 (or any Surface Pro model for that matter) replaced your laptop? Are you one of the converted? Or do you know someone who has? Let me know!