T-Mobile says that it's now the No. 1 prepaid provider in the U.S.

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 6, 2014

T-Mobile magenta logo

One week ago, T-Mobile was touting its nationwide VoLTE network and its Q2 2014 results. Apparently that's not all of the good news that T-Mo's got to share, though, as the magenta carrier has made another announcement this evening. 

T-Mobile pinged us to say that it's now the top prepaid provider in the U.S. with 15.64 million customers. That total includes both T-Mobile's prepaid arm as well as MetroPCS. T-Mobile says that MetroPCS is now home to more than 10 million prepaid subscribers, gaining 1.2 million subs since this time last year.

To compare, Sprint recently reported that it's got 15.19 million prepaid customers, while AT&T's got 11.34 million and Verizon has 6.04 million.

Finally, T-Mobile says that it's now got more than 50 million customers in total. T-Mobile CEO touted this piece of news on Twitter tonight, going on to predict that T-Mo will surpass Sprint in total subscriber count by the end of 2014.

T-Mobile has been doing pretty well for itself over the past year with Un-carrier moves like JUMP and its ETF switcher program. These latest stats show that T-Mo is doing pretty well in the prepaid market, too, and that switching MetroPCS to GSM and expanding its reach has helped as well.

How many of you have made the switch to T-Mobile or MetroPCS in the past year? If you have, are you happy with your decision to switch?

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