Dropbox for Android update rolling out with document previews, improved search and more

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: August 11, 2014

Dropbox for Android document previews, improved search screenshots

Heads up, Dropbox for Android users, because there’s a big ol’ update headed your way.

Dropbox is now rolling out a new version of its Android app that includes document previews and a “completely redesigned search.” First up, document previews allow you to get an instant preview of Word, PowerPoint or PDF documents without switching out of the app. The feature supports viewing, scrolling and zooming in docs.

Meanwhile, Dropbox for Android’s search functionality now offers the following features:

  • Search in specific folders or the entire Dropbox
  • Keep track of recent searches
  • Search suggestions that’ll pop up as you type
  • Highlights names of matching files and folders as you type

Dropbox also says that this update brings the ability to change shared folders to “view-only” status.

This fresh version of Dropbox will be making its way out of the oven and onto the Play Store in the coming hours. If you’ve signed up for early releases, you won’t even have to wait that long, as it should be popping up on your device any time now.

Via The Dropbox Blog, Play Store: Dropbox