Now make the metal frame standard, Samsung

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| August 13, 2014

It feels like it's been forever since we first started hearing about a Samsung-branded smartphone with a metal . . . something or other, and now, in the middle of 2014, we finally have it. Is it everything people have been waiting for? Well, that's debatable, probably, but at least it exists. As far as I'm concerned that actually counts for a lot more than how the device may stack up against other handsets out there in the market in terms of specifications.

That isn't to say that I don't think Samsung should have made this particular handset, the Galaxy Alpha, a high-end, premiere handset. Actually, quite the contrary. Considering the weight on this device's thin shoulders as being Samsung's first smartphone  to feature metal in any capacity, you'd think they'd want to give it enough power to get the job done out there in the real world. Figuratively speaking.

Just the name! Alpha! That alone should depict a high-end device.

Instead, it's a mid-range phone that will launch sometime in the "beginning of September," and will more than likely see a big launch globally, except in the United States. For some reason, I just don't picture this phone getting launched State-side. Though, depending on the price, it could do pretty well for itself. if you're in the UK, at least you should be happy knowing you'll get the device there at launch.

I don't think Samsung is ever going to get rid of the removable back cover from their device, which means it's probably always going to be a piece of plastic for easy removal. Which is fine, because a lot of people like their plastic devices. However, adding the metal band could do well to make the devices stand out just a bit more and give them a better feel in the hand. As many people have pointed out over the years, a lot of Samsung's phones feel like toys -- maybe that will change now.

Even if it's a small change, at least it's in the right direction. Hopefully.

But what say you? Whether you're a fan of Samsung products or not, what do you think of the Galaxy Alpha? Is the metal edge enough for you to consider it, if it lands in your market? Or is that a negligible change to the design? Let me know!