What's the most data you've ever used in a month?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| August 14, 2014

Ever since T-Mobile started doing their "uncarrier" operations, we've seen the other wireless carriers try to shake things up on their own, as much as they can. For Sprint, that eventually meant the creation of their "Framily" plan, and some really strange commercials. For the pair of behemoths, it has meant the inclusion of monthly installment plans for devices, as well as some pricing changes to their family plans. Not sweeping changes, not like T-Mobile, but changes nonetheless.

But sometimes a subscriber isn't actually looking for change. At least, not when it comes to the thing they're subscribed to -- or were subscribed to, technically. For many wireless customers out there under Verizon's or AT&T's umbrella, sticking to what they know, or what they've been using for years, is just the better option. Or the only option they want to use, despite the changes being presented to them.

I'm talking, of course, about the folks who don't want to give up their unlimited data.

I know a couple of people who actually just flat-out refuse to get rid of it, and have been using the same phone for more than two and a half years to make sure they keep it. They've almost been talked into upgrading more than a few times, and I witnessed him actually almost go through with it, but then the fear of losing unlimited data resurfaced and he saw the error of his ways.

Unlimited data, in a roundabout way, has been a hot topic recently within the wireless industry, because it has entered the FCC's crosshairs along with wireless carriers throttling customers. It started with Verizon confirming a plan to throttle some subscribers that meet specific criteria, like having completed the terms of their contract and using a certain amount of data per month on a grandfathered unlimited data plan. The FCC wasn't so pleased with that, and issued a statement with a few questions for the Big Red network. Verizon's reply to that letter was pretty simple: "We can do it, and besides, everyone else is doing it, too."

Indeed, not too long after that the FCC revealed that they had asked the same important questions to the other major wireless networks, all talking about throttling data. On August 13, a leak revealed that T-Mobile is planning on resorting to throttling data for subscribers that use P2P sharing on their data connection, which goes against their Terms & Conditions. Of course, the Magenta network already has it in place that they'll give you unlimited data, but only so much of that will be a certain speed. If you pass a certain data threshold, your speed will slow down. (You still have an unlimited amount of it, though!)

As this has progressed, I couldn't help but start thinking about the amount of data I use every month, and whether or not this is something that could ever affect me. Even on a plan with four active phone lines, though, our data usage has only ever exceeded 4GB in a month twice. Normally, it's right around 2 to 3GB.

I can remember when I've used almost 10GB in a month, though. I wasn't around a Wi-Fi connection for the majority of a month, and my data plan took a beating for it. That's only happened once, since I gave up unlimited data, and I honestly haven't looked back. I don't miss my unlimited data plan, simply because I haven't actually needed it. Knock on wood that continues to be the case.

All this talk about unlimited data plans and throttling made me want to ask: what's the most data you've used in a month, and has it happened consecutively for more than two months? What's the average amount of data you use now? Let me know, I'm curious if unlimited data plans should stay gone, or if they need to make a comeback.