T-Mobile said to be expanding Simple Choice family plan on Aug. 17

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 16, 2014

T-Mobile Simple Choice family plan leak

It looks like Verizon’s not the only carrier that’s cooking up some plan changes.

A leaked document has shown that T-Mobile is planning to announce some Simple Choice plan tweaks. On August 17, T-Mobile will reportedly expand its recently-launched family plan to allow for 6-10 lines. Pricing will start at $120 for 6 lines with 2.5GB of data each, with lines 7-10 available for an additional $20 per month each.

As with the original family plan, the lines included with this new offering will get 2.5GB of data through January 2, 2016. At that point, the monthly data allotment will drop to 1GB. Another thing that’s worth noting about this new plan is that while customers can only have up to 10 voice lines, they’ll be able to add 5 mobile Internet lines on top of that.

The doc also shows that T-Mobile employees will be eligible for this expanded family plan. However, they’ll only be able to have a maximum of 8 lines.

This sounds like a nice deal if you’re in the hunt for a family plan that can accommodate a lot of lines. The only downside is that the data allotment will drop from 2.5GB to 1GB once 2016 rolls around, so you’ll want to keep that in mind while considering this new offering from T-Mo.

Via TmoNews