Have you already decided on your next smartphone?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from Arizona
Published: August 18, 2014

We're knee-deep into August, which means all eyes are on September. Sure, there are some announcements due in August, but the bulk of new devices are coming in September. So to speak. They might not be available in September (even the iPhone 6, if some rumors are true -- but I doubt it), but at least we'll get to see their unveiling. And then it's a whole different kind of waiting from then on. But, at least they'll be official and we won't have to keep sifting through leaks and rumors.

There's nothing wrong with looking ahead, of course. I know I am. The span from late June to early September is a long one, where we've effectively had to handle a drought of devices. That all changes next month, though, as the drought becomes a flash flood.

I was speaking with a friend the other day, as he was still looking to get a new phone, and I told him that he should wait until next month before he makes a purchase. That's when he told me that he has already made his next phone decision, and it doesn't even matter what else launches. (I took this as a win, since he's still waiting.)

That's the Galaxy Note 4. That's what he's getting. No matter what.

He's used the Galaxy Note 3 in the past, and he was a fan of it because of the big screen and the S Pen. He wasn't able to pick it up at the time, because he was under contract with another handset, and apparently that's when he decided that whatever Samsung launched next was going to be what he got. No matter what.

This means that, despite the fact that we just had this conversation, he made his decision for a new phone months ago. And that's something that I'll probably never be able to do myself, but I can say that that's pretty great.

It got me thinking, though, as we near September, and we've been subject to the laundry list of leaks, rumors and everything in between, how many people out there have already made their decision for their next device? Whether it's Apple's iPhone 6 (one of them), Samsung's Galaxy Note 4, or Motorola's X+1 -- or even HTC's M8-with-Windows Phone-8, or now Sharp's upcoming AQUOS Crystal handset, I'm curious to know where you're money is going for your next smartphone.

Or, are you skipping all of them and keeping what you have? Let me know!