Moto X+1 shown in black and white in newly-leaked renders

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 21, 2014

Moto X+1 Verizon leak

Apparently it’s tough for device makers to keep a lid on their upcoming flagship products. We’ve already gotten leaked information today about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 and Sony’s Xperia Z3, and now we’re turning our attention to Motorola’s next big device.

@evleaks has shared some official-looking renders of the Moto X+1 for Verizon. The shots show a standard black unit and a white unit with a wooden backside. The Moto X+1 appears to have the same basic shape as the Moto X, but it’s adopted the Moto E’s front-facing speaker. Around back we can see a large camera sensor above a similarly-sized Motorola logo. Finally, the software appears to be fairly close to stock Android.

The device shown in these images looks fairly similar to the Moto X+1 that leaked out a month ago, right down to the front speaker and the big ol’ rear camera. And while we’ll have to wait until Sept. 4 to know if this really is the follow-up to the Moto X, it’s certainly got the makings of a new Motorola flagship.

What do you think of this device? Does it look like what you’d want from a Moto X successor?

Via @evleaks