LG G Watch R leaks as new, round-faced smartwatch

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 24, 2014

LG G Watch R video leak

It’s only been a couple of months since the LG G Watch launched, but apparently the Life’s Good crew already has a sequel ready to go.

A video teaser for “LG’s New Wearable” has been discovered on the official LG Mobile Global YouTube channel. The clip teases a watch with a round face and a button on its side. According to a source speaking to Engadget, the device will be known as the LG G Watch R.

The video shows several different watch faces, including the one you see above, which makes the LG G Watch R look like a fairly regular wristwatch. The clip also includes very brief glimpses of a step counter, a compass and more.

It may seem kind of strange to see LG coming out with a new smartwatch just months after the LG G Watch launched, but as Engadget notes, it’s not likely that the company just whipped up the G Watch R in a month or so. And while I’m sure some G Watch owners are going to be bummed that a new model is debuting so quickly, the G Watch and G Watch R look different enough that they could at least appeal to different folks.

What will be interesting is seeing how the LG G Watch R compares to the similarly round-faced Moto 360, which is likely going to launch around the same time that the G Watch R is introduced.

Unfortunately, this quick video teaser doesn’t give up many details on the LG G Watch R’s features, its launch date or its price tag. LG promises that the device is “coming soon @ IFA 2014,” though, so it won’t be long before more details are revealed.

LG G Watch R logo

Via Engadget, LG Mobile Global (YouTube)

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