Have you ever ditched a device due to poor battery life?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| August 25, 2014

Eventually, some day, our batteries are going to be pretty great. They'll be as great as our displays. Or our processors. Cameras. Features. Whatever else you want to include, it would be the case. Every other aspect of our phones has improved quite a bit, but our batteries have just gotten bigger in most cases. And while that has superficially fixed an issue for some folks, the wider picture is still lacking in a big way.

Improvements are coming, of course. We hear about them from time to time, about how scientists have figured out a new way to extend the life in the batteries we already have, or how brand new batteries will revolutionize the niche market. How ever you want to think of it, eventually it'll happen.

But we're all still waiting, and in some cases, the battery life for some of our devices just isn't that great.

Just a few days ago I admitted that I've had to pull back on my usage of my phone to make sure that I can get it to last as long as I want it to. As many of you have said, you've done the same thing, or kept a cable near by to make sure you can keep a charge even as you play all the games, or keep as connected as you need, without having to worry about it. I'm not a fan of it, and I'd like it to change. I'm waiting just like everyone else.

We have to live with the devices available to us now. Don't take that the wrong way, though. It's not like they're bad in any way. In most cases, depending on your usage, you can probably get your device to last you a full day, maybe even longer, before you absolutely have to charge it. But, again, that depends on how you use it. If you're busy with other stuff and you aren't using your phone that much, battery life probably isn't an issue. But for someone who needs to use their phone quite a bit, or even just binge watches videos/plays games, the battery can die pretty quickly.

There have been some devices, though, that have just not lived up to the battery life that you might have needed, and I'm curious to know if that's ever led you to actually get rid of a device. We've been hearing so much about battery life over the years, but I want to know if it's ever actually negatively impacted you so much that you had to get rid of a phone you otherwise liked. So, let me know.